Friday, October 05, 2007

*Danneskjold is currently for sale*

I just had an opportunity to purchase a very unique boat that I have the money for and I can't pass up... so:

Danneskjold is currently up for sale. Obviously, lots of information is available on her thought this blog, and I believe in being as upfront and honest with perspective buyer. I am not looking to make out with a big pile of money from the sale. I'm asking a very fair price, assuming that she goes to another owner who intends to own her with dignity.

She is currently berthed in Lake Union, in Seattle WA. See contact info below if you would like to check her out.

Full discloser:
I purchased her from CWB in August of 2005 and immediately moved aboard and began to upgrade basic systems for living aboard (110 AC, fridge, V-birth mattress...).
I had the boat surveyed again (beyond the purchase survey) for renewal of my insurance (yes, she has a standing policy paid), and the same surveyor (a noted wooden boat specialist) declared the boat to be in "very good" overall condition (from "good" in 2005) with a fair market value of $20,000.

I could continue to write about her here, and give lots of specs and opinions, but I'll just encourage people to contact me at ericthebeard ( a t ) gmail ( d o t ) com

Thanks! (pictures are from the Wooden Boat Festival in July of this year... pretty girl!)

Thursday, August 02, 2007


So, I've been taking a break from the boat work after all the stuff done before the WBF, but one of the major things on my plate has been to fix the seams that baked open in the 90+ degree sun (right after I repainted the hull color from white to gray... that didn't help the solar action any...).

Here is what they looked like:

Most of the cracked seams were full of compound that was really old and brittle... no wonder with the darkened color they cracked. I got out the reefing tools and went to town on the major ones.

All these shots are either right after reefing or after preping the seams for paint (after the luting)... they got two good soakings with homebrew red lead+linseed oil primer:

I have the seams all puttied over now, I just need to get the pics.... then, this weekend, I paint! (again!).

Monday, July 09, 2007

CWB Wooden Boat Festival

Here are some pics from the festival... enjoy!

Lightning Bird
, a Blanchard-Seaborn sloop... excellent finish work (by Brad Rice and Jenson Boatyard, I believe):

Trim work on Lightning Bird. Yellow cedar, Port Orford cedar and mahogany... wow!

Nice cruiser (my fav powerboat at the show):

Crownshed schooner Adventuress:

A Herreshoff rozonette (sp?):

Stays'l schooner Red Jacket (right next to me!):

Any playing on the lake with the CWB kids:

Catching Up...

There has been a lot of stuff happening on the boat (mainly painting), but its been so monotonous that I have neglected to post pics of it all... its kinda boring, to be frank.

But, here is the conclusion to the major project, wooding and painting the hull. Then I brought her to the Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival.

Man... what a rig!

More Festival pics to come...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sexy boats...

The WN Ragland is docked near CWB, getting ready for a large trip up north (so I hear).

Cass and I went over there yesterday evening and took some pics.

Amazing boat.

Out for a Memorial Day spin

So, being done with the port side of the boat, I needed to turn the boat around in the slip to get at the starboard side... So my friend Bill and I took the boat for a quick spin on the lake and brought her in bow first...

So, here she is in the new position... now we get to look at her made-over side from the other dock...


Here is the final run finishing off the port side painting... its good to be (half way) done!

I got the final primer coat on last week:

I also have the color coat for the white sheer stripe on there too, but you can't see it over the white undercoater... oh well...

Then I got everything all masked off... this took a while getting the long sheer done straight.

Note how the sheer stripe doesn't go fully stem to stern...

And, then I painted it! Woo!

I also got more deck paint done... but that is not nearly as exciting. Here is the masking of it though:

Now, for the other side....